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Reservation of holiday package

This is a holiday package valid for a fixed duration and period of stay.
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Easter and St. George's Day 2021 - 101 € per person in SGL room per day

The prices of the premises include:
 Bed and breakfast and dinner for all listed guests
 Easter lunch on 02.05.2021
 St. George's Day lunch on 06.05.2021.
 Use of indoor pool for adults;
 Use of indoor children's pool at different levels;
 Use of indoor Jacuzzi;
 Use of two outdoor Jacuzzis;
 Use of Finnish sauna;
 Uses a 5 in 1 sauna;
 Use of fitness;
 Use of steam bath;
 Use of relaxation area;
All facilities are supplied with mineral water.
 Free WIFI on the hotel territory;
 Free parking;
 Professional children's animation
 Pets - dogs up to 10 kg are allowed with a surcharge of BGN 20 per night.
* with a refundable deposit in the amount of BGN 100
The deposit is used to cover damages incurred by pets, in case there are any. The deposit is returned to the guest upon departure from the hotel.

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